Question on the 4 Quwwats of the Nafs


Here is the question we talked about in Class today!

You are in a partnership with a friend. The two of you together run a chain of groceries that takes online orders. Your work is generally on the indoors and your partner handles all the tasks of the outdoors. One day you call him on his mobile and a message runs saying that the mobile is either switched of or out of range.

You keep trying for an hour but don’t get a response from him. This is not like him at all.
13. What is the right thing to think?
a. He is supposed to be working at this time. It is unfair for him to keep his mobile switched off on working hours.
b. He seems to have met with an accident.
c. Something must have gone wrong, will find out in some time.
d. Any of the above, we cannot really control our thinking.

14. This continues for 4 hours. By now you have already tried calling his home and his friends. No one seems to know anything. What should you be thinking?
a. He could have gotten into an accident. You pray that he is alright and start calling the emergency numbers to check.
b. He was at the bank only yesterday, he could have withdrawn all the money and run away.
c. He could have overslept and left his mobile on silent. Must send someone to his house to check.
d. All of the above. One should consider all at the possibilities.

15. You send someone over to his house and learn that the door is closed and even on knocking no one answers. Now you get very worried.
a. You call the police and ask for permission to break-in to his house.
b. You check the bank accounts to make sure that all the funds are intact.
c. You warn all your friends to there seems to be something wrong.
d. All of the above.

Before going to his house you return home to pick up the tools you will require to break-in. You are in quite a rush now with your blood pressure rising by the minute. When you are about to open the door to your house you notice a paper stuck on to the name plate.

In the rush you ignore it, but then realize that it could be something that he left for you and pick it up to read:

“ Salaam, had to leave in a rush, mom not well. Will get in touch as soon as I find out what has happened. Take care.”
And by the time you finish reading your mobile rings… It is an international number. You answer to hear his voice – he is nearly in tears, he says that his mother has expired…

16. Was it wrong for you to get worried and start doing all that you did?
a. Yes it was wrong, you should never think ill of anyone.
b. No, it was appropriate. You have to consider all possibilities and adopt the one that seems most possible.
c. No, you had not jumped to a conclusion. When you were planning to break-in you were also wondering if something has happened to him inside the house and that he might need help.
d. It is inappropriate to judge. Whatever one does in such a situation is completely out of his disposition then.

17. If another alternative was added to question 13 above –
you should take a knife and collect some people to go to his house and teach him a lesson.
Then this would be considered a mix of:
a. Quwwatul Wahm and Quwwatul Gadhb.
b. Quwwatul Shahwat and Quawwatul Aql
c. Quwwatul Wahm and Quwwatul Aql
d. Quwwatul Wahm and Quwwatul Shahwat

18. If on the other hand we were not to do anything all day, just expecting him to return to work the next morning we would be considered :
a. Lacking in Quwwatul Gadhb and Wahm
b. Lacking in Quwwatul Aql and Quwwatul Shahwat
c. Lacking in all 4 quwwats.
d. Appropriate in all ways – not a lacking at all. He would have called us by the evening or when we would get home we would find out by the note.

19. The most important thing in such scenarios is to:
a. Let our Quwwatul Aql control our Wahm, Gadhb and Shahwat
b. Let our Wahm control, Aql, Gadhb and Shahwat
c. Let our Shahwat control our Aql, Gadhb and Wahm.
d. Either of the above.

20. If we were listening to pop music throughout the day when this incident happened we were more likely to:
a. Not be able to keep our Aql in control of all the other Quwwats
b. Not be able to concentrate on the issues and think clearly.
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

21. Does it make any difference if we are able to connect the reason for what we do with Qurb of Allah SWT?
a. No
b. Yes
c. May be
d. Sometimes

Was salaam,


4 responses to “Question on the 4 Quwwats of the Nafs

  1. ok
    i guess every one will agree on the 13q to b the options a and c
    but in the 14q i would say it should be a and c and not include b in it… i think this mainly because he is a good friend and a partner, and just because he goes to the bank doesnt mean hes gonna rob the othr guy. he can go to the bank to may b withdraw his own money…..
    since im not taking b in the 14 q i cant take it in the 15 q eithr as they r interlinked
    16 one is c.. 17 one i would say is a….. in 18 i would say there is no right choice as b is the mind and desire (at least thts wat i think) the rest alll r i guess quite easy and logical

    ws salaam

  2. Salaam ya ahmed? Ana Mabsoot lishoofak hini!

    Lets go step by step…

    13 b is not the answer – so what is? a or c?

    14 what you are saying is that there is no need to doubt a friend who is in business with you if he is away for half a day without information! I agree that giving people the benefit of the doubt is very important – specially Momineen.

    But at the same time there is a Hadith (can someone help me find it) that says that to trust a person in a society where people are known to be cheaters is nothing but to cause loss to oneself.

    After all what do you think would be the disadvantage in checking the balance at the bank? It is simply logging in over the internet or phone banking and pressing a few buttons… no harm caused to anyone.

    Gotta go now, will try and comment on the rest of the questions…


  3. the 13 on can be both a and c
    and about the bank thing
    firstly, a single partner does not hav acces to the firms bank account, it has to b authorised by both the partners…
    secondly, if the partner who is missin has full authority then it must hav been decided by the partners so, this points us to the conclusion that there was a lot of trust between them
    thirdly, the hadith “trust a person in a society where people are known to be cheaters is nothing but to cause loss to oneself” then u cannot evn trust ur own parents
    ws salaam

  4. 13. I am more inclined towards a than c.

    14. What we are really arguing (and i wish it had not developed into an argument) is whether or not it is appropriate to doubt a friend.

    Here is the hadith verbatim from

    113. When a community is composed of honest, sober and virtuous people, your forming a bad opinion about anyone of its members, when nothing wicked has been seen of him, is a great injustice to him. On the contrary in a corrupt society to form good opinion of anyone of them and to trust him is to harm yourself.

    I think it is only prudent to at least consider the possibility. Yes it would be wrong to accuse him already, but to not even consider it is nothing but to harm oneself.

    Lets discuss further in the Madressa.

    Was salaam

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