23 Oct 09 – Lesson 10 – Leading a Moral Life

Salaam un alaikum,

In this chapter we looked at the importance of leading a Moral Life – of basically waking up to the reality around us, of being aware of why Allah SWT created us and what is it that he expects from us: that we attain closeness to Him! For ourselves and helping others reach the same!

Often we live for material things, we tend to forget what the Creator wants of us at a certain time and give importance to our own wishes and desires. This is because we are not aware of His presence around us, His mission is not clear to us – we are living in a life where everything is imaginary. Take a look at the explanation of the movie: The Matrix – http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/rl_cmp/new_phil_wakeup.html

Once we are awake we have to ensure that we work on others along with ourselves – Sura al Asr gives us the formula for success… Could someone please comment with the link to it please (I am running out of time).

Was salaam,



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