The States of the Human Soul

Salaam un alaikum students of Class 8,

We have four Powers within us.

G = Gadhabiyya = Anger
A = Aqaliyya = Intellect
W = Wahmiyya = Imagination
S = Shahwiyya = Desire

If not in balance they can cause problems of different kinds in the human body.

When Low When High
GWeak and lacking in energy and motivation to respond to cruelty. Anger that is out of the control of the Aql and cause destruction that is not required.
AInconsistent and unwise actions often that cause harm to the Mission of Allah SWT. This is debatable! In a way there is nothing like too much Aql, it is something that you cannot have too much of. But some ulema like to point out that this can also come in the way of a complete understanding of Allah SWT.
WInability to plan and foresee, inability to find solutions to abstract problems before they occur. Doubting without reason, becoming skeptical of people. Planning and plotting with evil intentions etc.
SLacking in desire and enthusiasm to do anything, laid back attitude waiting for everything around to happen solve itself.Inability to find contentment in pleasures. As much food, games etc one gets he is not satisfied and wants more.

The ideal situation would be for the Aql to be stronger than the rest of the powers and be the ruler of the remaining. Furthermore none of the other strengths are too little nor too much because if so then the Aql would not be able to make the most of that power.

Can you provide me with examples of any incidents that explain a possible strength of weakness very well?

The 3 states of the human soul as discussed in the book are:

Nafs e Ammara: When the Nafs is its worst form. A state in which the Aql is not ruling the kingdom of the soul.
Nafs e Lawwama: A state in which the Aql is rising to power to take control. It is a period in which the Nafs is repentant over the state of affairs and a period of change.
Nafs e Mutmainna: This is a state in which there is complete peace in the kingdom of the soul. Everything is in balance and in control. Hence there is complete contentment with the state of affairs of this world.


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