Lesson 1 continued – Meaning and Overview of Akhlaq: 6th Nov 09

– The Prophet has come for the completion of Akhlaq
– Reaching perfection is possible because we have the desires (and imagination – debatable) that Angels dont, and we have the intelligence that Animals dont. Added to this is the inner Prophet (conscience) and the ability to CHOSE (which originates from the Rooh of Allah SWT).

We then ask why is the world so unjust if the answers are so clear?
The answer is that we are unable to remain focused. We decide when we are in class, that yes it makes sense and there is no reason to do anything besides this, but as soon as the class ends our mind also begins to wander away from these ideas… we Forget!

In other words we can say that we are unable to remain Awake! We loose our awareness of the Creator and His reason for creating… so the result is that in our day to day life we do not really keep in touch with what he wants of us… instead we tend to do things that are more convenient to us, easier to do or simply what we enjoy!

What can we expect if we follow Allah SWT and what if we don’t?
If we were to accept we would become attain His proximity. So also His attribute of Everliving would be reflected in our being and we would also become Everliving…

We should also not undermine what Allah (SWT) has in store for us if we do not submit to His will (become a Muslim by Aamaal). At times we start to consider Hell trivial, at time we do not realize how horrific an experience that can be.

May be an experiment might help! Keep an hour away from everything else, probably you could go visit the graveyard by yourself some day. Plan to stay there for at least an hour by yourself . Go through the process of death, burial and life after that! The movie called “Rooh ki faryaad” in Urdu might help. http://www.shiatv.net/view_video.php?viewkey=357d834a87ce618a55de

Why are we still not convinced? In the time we spent thinking about this…this is what we came up with.

1. Widen the gap between Stimulus and Response (7 Habits Terminology).
2. Remain more cognizant (aware) – try and keep His memory alive through out the day – like you would if you were in love of your beloved.
3. Avoid sins as soon as we realize it.
4. Do self checks regularly – probably every night before sleeping, or soon after namaaz fajr or probably in the bus on the way to school or something.
5. Ask for forgiveness at the self checks (school bus aint a good idea :)) – this is similar to what we did in class… simply being sorry that you did the wrong and actively making and effort to avoid doing the wrong.

May Allah SWT invite us towards Himself.


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