Lesson 2: Cleanliness

Outer cleanliness is important.
Inner cleanliness is VERY important.

The Prophet (SAW) said:

There will come a time when people will have unclean inner selves, but beautiful appearances; they will have greed for the worldly affairs and they will not wish for that which is with Allah (SWT). Their religion will be for show. Then they would pray like a drowning one, and Allah will not answer their prayer.

It is apparent that we have reached this time… when we look at ourselves we realize that this stands quite true.

Lets consider an example:
Say you were going to a birthday and your parents have not been able to buy the friend a gift yet! Will it be all the same? Is the (outer) gift more important than what you feel, intend and wish for him?

Relate any similar incidents in your comments.

But at the same time let us not forget the importance of the outer. The gift is important, it reflects your feelings for him. Similarly with everything else…

In class we discussed the examples of how a cleaner responsible for our building should feel about cleaning our portion of the building. Similarly your parents should also feel that your room / bed / bag is always clean and tidy. Lets establish sound habits -> malaka -> akhlaq. (does anyone remember what malaka is?)

Lets make it a point to keep clean!


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