Lesson 9 – Ikhlaas

Can the good deeds of two people be the same if one is mukhlis and the other is not. We talked about how charitable Bill Gates is – but none of you felt that his charity was really given Sincerely. Now that I think of it I feel like adding to it that may be it might be, how do we know?

Anyhow this is sufficient to establish the idea that Sincerity is very important. Two similar things when done with different intentions can have very different affects.

So why is it that we lack Sincerity?

Man has been created better than the angels, as His vicegerent on Earth. Lets re-visit the human body make up and the problems imbalance causes – https://muslimbhojani.wordpress.com/2009/11/01/the-states-of-the-human-soul/.

We are better than the angels and the animals because we have both the desires (S) and the Aql (A), and we control the desires using our Aql. When in such a state of balance we are able to differentiate between the good and the bad – Furqan.

The Shaitan (our open enemy) is not able to control us in any way. The only thing he can do is to whisper into our hearts. It is these whispers that make us less sincere. When we are praying we think about other things that seem more important to us.

If we were able to overcome these whispers and remain sincere we should be able to benefit from the hidden treasure – Allah SWT. The benefit from Him is that we will be able reflect his holy Sifhaat (Attributes), we should be able to reflect His wisdom… (can someone please provide a link that lists to all the names of Allah SWT). Such a wisdom will lead us to look at the world differently, give us an insight into things the way He sees them. This will then guide us further to Him iA.


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