Going to the Cinema and Watching Films

I am quite convinced that the cinema and even all other media has become a tool in the hands of the people of Shaitan. So from the hollywood / bollywood and now also lollywood movies, the programs that we get on TV, most popular websites including youtube and facebook are all suspects. Not to forget the video games available now a days.

They all have some things in common:
– they appeal to and aggravate the desires,
– attract towards the unlawful and
– demoralize us.

They are disguised in many ways and so we continue to use them but slowly like a frog being boiled.

Boil the Frog

Do you remember the story of a frog that is in a pan that is on fire. It does not realize that the temperature is slowly rising and hence does not try to jump out – it dies without even realizing. With such media our morality is reducing and we dont even know about it.

This does not mean that everything available is evil, but most is and we should be very careful in the choices we make. And it is so much safer to avoid it all together.



4 responses to “Going to the Cinema and Watching Films

  1. i think we all shoul watch the age of apperance

    • Thnak you Kumail!

      The videos are available from this link:

      And they are really worth watching… but they might not all necessarily be true so do not jump to conclusions…

      Also if you get a chance listen to the lecture of Khalil Jaffer on the signs of reappearance this year. I think it is a series of 3 lectures.


  2. Remember I was talking about a movie that really brings out the motivation to do the right thing…

    It was Nicolas Cage’s CONAIR. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Con_Air

    As discussed even this movie shows so many things that are immoral as quite acceptable. It is like the person who is as principle oriented as Poe (Cage) is still at the bar with his wife. So the boil the frog concept is see here too – if we don’t make a note of this in our mind everytime we see such things, we will slowly become immune to this.

    But overall, if you are going to watch movies then something like this makes sense.

  3. I have started playing Command and Conquer recently. Went through quite a bit of trouble to get it to work…

    What do I like about it?
    – it involves strategy – have to acquire knowledge, understand the circumstances, plan and execute.
    – nothing immoral (not that I have noticed thus far anyways)
    – reminds us that one day we might be in battle with the Imam

    Unfortunately my computer keeps hanging! I guess I will not go too far with the game till I get another computer!

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