Class 8 – Lesson 3 – Brotherhood and Unity

Like it is difficult to cut paper when a lot of them are all together it is also just as difficult to harm people who stand by each other!

When united the team works together towards the common target. A few things that are required for such brotherhood are:
1. A common Target (did not mention this in class)
2. Trust at 3 levels
a) Ability
b) Will to do it
c) Sincerity

The advantage of brotherhood is that the weaknesses of one person are covered by the abilities of the other. Like in the relay race which has both running and swimming. If one team member does not know how to swim he can do the running and the other will swim. The chances are that they can still win.

to be continued…

P.S. Some of you had some examples to discuss… please feel free to use the comment link below to leave me the examples.

Also notice the suggestion from a Class 9 student… it is for the movie that we were to talked about.


2 responses to “Class 8 – Lesson 3 – Brotherhood and Unity

  1. this site is very good, it gives an account of the lives of the Infalliables and also the Islamic history

    • thank you for the link Arif. It is a good site but I have never been able to figure out who run this site… do you know them.

      I was expecting an example to the above from you. You had one that I did not let you share in the class.

      was salaam,

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