Lesson 19 – Music and its Effects

Any Music that reminds you of the vain gatherings (like discos, mujras, parties) is Haraam to listen to even if you put it in low volume (to play in the background while you do your homework etc).

But there are good melodies also which can be used for a good purpose – some taranas and nasheeds etc.

But to be able to ascertain between the two might not always be easy and should be done carefully. It is better safe than sorry – so if you are not sure, we should avoid it.

There are some nasheed singers that start of quite fine but lead you to the wrong end. One such example was a girl famous as Noon Noon. She came up with many arabic islamic nasheeds. Unfortunately some of her recent releases are not appropriate – in one she has a quran in the hand and is playing hide and seek (mature type) in a library with boys! and does not have a heard scarf on any more.

So the bottom line is that be careful… why take chances…



2 responses to “Lesson 19 – Music and its Effects

  1. As-Salamun Alaikum,
    It is a shame,the result of absolute ignorance,that if some believer offers me a headphone(to listen to music)and I refuse,they ask me WHY?? with a gasp.When I tell them that Islam does not permit me to do so,they start laughing at my face,uncontrollably.As around 45% of my school is Muslim,this is the practice of ALL.99.9 of them do listen to music.When I give the same reply to a non-believer,he makes a confused expression.He says,”Let us ask so and so,even he is a muslim”,and I reluctantly agree.Then you know what will be the answer.This was just to inform you all.I have not exxagerated even a bit.
    Ahmad Husaini

  2. Wa alaikum salaam,

    I see why you are frustrated… and am glad that you do not give in.

    Do you know how a ship turns? Take a look at this: http://www.franklincovey.com/blog/trim-tab-work.html – I would like to see you as the trim-tab.

    Have you tried writing an article on the ill-effects of music for the school magazine or doing a script or something for the assembly?

    Another way would be to find a couple of people who are less addicted to music, who are open to your ideas and respect you. Find ways to convince them (with the logic of Islam behind you I dont see why this should be difficult) and then make a team. With this apply peer pressure on those who listen to it.

    I dont know if this is practical or not, but if you think about it I am sure you will find a practical solution. When you do please share it with us.


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