Lesson 3 – Brotherhood and Unity cont.

It begins with the immediate family – parents and their children but also encompasses the siblings of your parents, your cousins etc. Often we live together under one roof, but even if we dont it is very important to keep contact with all.

The larger the team the larger the more difficult it is to manage proximity but it helps a great deal when it comes to finding solutions to problems specially if they have expertise in different fields.

To maintain family ties we should be prepared to give in – you will feel cheated let down at various times – but do not give up on them, give in. Avoid any kinds of politics within the family and always try to guide them and be prepared to be guided. This is the way to improve oneself and society at large.

This applies to 40 house holds in every direction. Earlier it was only horizontal but I would think now it ought to be vertical as well :). But frankly it has become a lot more difficult now – mainly because people from various cultures and societies have come and live together. But we should try our best non the less.

Experience is more important than Knowledge. The only ones more experienced than us are the ones who are elder to us. They are the ones that have guided life before us and have lead us to be where we are today. We should respect them, listen to what they advise, understand what they are trying to say (words might be different) and follow it.

Under Privileged , Sick and Servents
There is a very interesting story about the rich man moving his clothes from the poor man in the Masjid. The rich man offered half his wealth in return but the poor man rejected of fear that he might also develop pride.

We should try and be of assistance to the ones who are sick. At least we can visit them to learn of their circumstances. See what calamities Allah SWT has put on them and be prepared for us on ourselves and while we are better off we should help them over it.

As for servants and maids – Bibi Fatima AS has set a unique example. Bibi Fizza used to do the chores of the house one day and the next day Bibi Fatima AS would do it. They would eat meals together on the same sufra.


One response to “Lesson 3 – Brotherhood and Unity cont.

  1. Salamun Alaykum,
    Very nice chapter about brotherhood+Unity.
    We should all apply it to our daily lives and inshallah Allah will give us the toufeeq to do so 😀

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