Visiting the Sick

Salaam un alaikum,

Thanks to the dedication of Br. Hamza Hamid, direction by our principal Syed Jafer Naqvi and the co-ordination of Br. Hasan Hamadani in Iranian Hospital we were able to visit the sick.

BriefingThe day began with a briefing from Jafer bhai on the rights of the sick. He mentioned that when the Prophet SAWW would learn of a companion being sick, he would take others to go visit him. He also shared the story of the old lady who used to throw garbage on the Prophet and how when she was visited, she converted to Islam.

We were taken in two buses to the Iranian hospital where we were shown the Emergency Ward, there were 3 patients there who had come in a few hours or so ago for various illnesses – one was for an appendix pain.

We then went to the paediatrics ward. We met many patients including the twins Ahmed and Muhammad who were very happy to see us. Throughout the visit we also distributed the drinks, fruits, biscuits and some chocolate that was provided by donors.

We then climbed upto the other wards on the first floor and visited various patients. One of them had been there since October (4 months now) and had had various various operations of the stomach. He requested that we pray for him.

Another person was playing football and his best friend hit him on his knee. Not knowingly the friend caused 3 of his ligaments to break. Before the accident he was a body builder and now for nearly a month he was unable to get out of his bed.

When he was telling us his story he was nearly in tears… he wanted to warn everyone that we should be careful when playing and not hit anyone… it could cost someone his health.

We visited many patients and heard many stories – if anyone else remembers any other story please relate it in the comments.

We did not have time left to visit the graveyard so had to return straight back. Had some snacks on the way and also some nauha khwani in one of the buses… Hamza how was it in the other bus?


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