Happy family life

the chapter begins by mainly emphsising the need of healthy family groups, and how they are essential to make a healthy society
 in one of the examples families and societies are imaged ike a building of blocks, with the block at the bottom being families and upper ones being other things including society… it surther says that if we damage the the block at the bottom it wont b long before the whole building colapses….. the book also adds and says that this is wat is happening in in the 21st century…. and i think v all agree to that…
 it is further said that how can famalies survive in the west because its so crrupt and un caring … to that people are answered if the families would teach the children how to understand good and evil, and also b able to accept the good and shun the evil then even in a place like the west the people can have strong family units
this is the main reason y islam has emphsised on family unity and carefull upbingig of the children
there are also some benifits of families given … and some of them are
1 families act as a stable environment for the upbringing of the children
2 all members of the family can trust each other and share the same goals
some of the things talked in class:
how important big families are… because now a days v hav small families of parents and 2 or 3 children  which is very less compared to the past when there was an average of  5 or 6 children….
other isuue discussed in class was of abnormal couples like homosexuality which is not permited in islam… these are small factors tht disrupt a proper environment for the upbringing of the children
another thing we talked abot was how unhealthy families and divorces can be related to crime and other illegalities
if the family unit is not strong and if parents are divorced it leaves a lasting impression on the child.. and further more single parents are not as efficient as a couple… these factors lead to the children being astray and going into the habbits of drugs and other criminal activities
a warning mentioned in the lesson is about the abusing help given to u by your brothers and sisters or parents this will disintegrate the trust of ur family on u and that is not a good thing
then there is a saying by prophet Isa which is not complete
and in the end there is a line tht says “treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated”


2 responses to “Happy family life

  1. A couple of questions:

    1. Is there really a need to have a healthy society or a healthy family? Would it not suffice if we were satisfied with our physical, mental and spiritual health?

    2. You have mentioned about the warning in the book: is there any advice you can provide to ensure that we are able to sustain families and that they do not break up.

    • for the first point i think our aim is to get closer to Allah, this rules out satisfying physical needs….. then theres the matter of spiritual health and mental health… without a stable envronment i think neither can be achieved…. Dont undersand spiritual health, but mental needs can never be attained without a stable environment.. sense of belongingness is a key factor. this belonging ness is attained through societies and families

      the second point is about the warning… in order to avoid abuse of help given to us by our families is not being lazy do some work…. help them out make it a 2 way thing…

      i think those are the ansers but if u havve anything bettr im all eyes (lol)

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