In this chapter, we learnt  Qardh-e- hasanah means to give a loan to those who need help. In order to bind all Muslims, in Islam there is duty and unity so strong that  worldy goods should be kept aside and we must fulfill our responsiblities. A person who became successful in life due to a profitable business must thank Allah for the boon given to him not by words, but by action. This kind of a  person must give a helping hand in the form of a loan to the person who is in dire need for

Allah says:  “He who lends a fair loan to a needy person Allah multiplies his wealth it to him manifold”

Allah also states in the Holy Quran, Surah 64, Ayat 17: “If we lend loan in the name of  Allah to any good human being Allah grants him forgiveness for Allah is very happy and appreciates such a service”

Allah says that if anyone comes to us and asks for financial help it is our bounded duty if we our better off him to help him. We should lend him the required amount of money in the form of Qardah-e-Hasanah so that he can develop and prosper and at the same time become  more successful in life. One who borrows the money must have an intention to pay it back as quickly as possible whenever Allah gives him and should not delay it. If he misuses this facility, it will cause difficulties for others.

Qardah-e-Hasanah has given us a very good lesson by which a man’s Selfishness Greed is over-come by letting the money out of his hand so that the other person can prosper in life, and by keeping the money he will earn no profit for to charge interest is Haram to conclude, we must come forward to help our community people so that we will be remembered by them at all times and gain their blessings even after our death instead of us being mean, then on the Day of Judgement in the eyes of Allah our richness and wealth will be of no use.


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