Trip to the Iranian Hospital

Assalm Alikum

The main purpose of our trip to the hospital was to undersatnd what others are going through . Now days one thing that is commonly seen in the youth today is complaining, every one is complaining, “my back always hurts”, “i always have a cold”. But  before we complain we must realise that there are people who are in much more serious problems, like in the hospital we saw so many people with appendicitus. In order to cure appendicitus there has to be an operation just under the stomach to remove the appendix, this is very painful and takes a long time to recover. a person is not allowed to eat for atleast 12 hours before the operation and is not allowed to drink water for about 1 and a half day, compared to this our problems are nothing.

We must also learn to sympathise with these people who are  sick whch is why we were giving them some sweets and fruits and such to make them feel better. The happiness that a person feels when somone comes to meet him is priceless. we as momins should know our responsibilities towards the society and visit the old and sickly.

Things we learned:                                                                                                         

 1) we should always thank Allah and be greatfull for th condition we are in because there may be others in worse situations than us

2) We should always pray for those who are sick to get well soon

3)we should try and visit the elderly and sickly as this gives them happines and inturn acts as a source of blessings to us from Allah

My only regret was that we couldnt go to the graveyard as that would help us get things more into perspective

hoping to get replies on what the others think!!


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