A Culture is a set of habits, rules and regulations which a group of people follow as part of their lives.

Muslims are tought to live on the two sources of Quran and Hadith and a muslim should practise this knowledge.To have good akhlaq, you  have to follow a very simple rule that is-Treat others in the way you would like them to treat you.Whenever you do an action just ask a question to yourself, “Would Imam Ali (A.S) do that?”.Then think about the action before you do that action.We should try to become a role model for others and when people see you they must say, “This is how Muslims behave”.

There was once a school which had many Muslim students in it.The principal of that school when asked what he thought of the month of Ramadan. He responded  that it was the worst month of the year. When he was asked why, he replied “the students are all fasting, and so they spit all over the walls, and the floors as they do not want to swallow their saliva.”

Once when the Prophet (S) was asked why he came to the world .He replied that he have been sent to complete the nobility of your character. This means that the main purpose of the Prophet (S) was to improve and perfect the culture,the character of a person, and thus the community.

We must always try to recite salat on time. If possible we should pray in jamaat.Similarly we should all try not to miss any fast. The parents should explain the importance of Hijab to their girls.

Thus, we must make Islamic culture part of our day-to-day life. Only then we will benefit in this life and hereafter.

Assalamu alaykum.


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