Self Reliance

Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem


In this Chapter, we dicussed that what is SELF RELIANCE and what various ways people adopt. We also discussed when we SHOULDN’T be dependant on people and when they have the right to be dependent on us, e.g:- When are Parents grow old, they DESERVE care as they did to us when we were small.  

An example quoted from the book:-

When a child is born, it is totally dependent on it’s mother, for the first few years,  for nourishment, clothes, warmth, love and affection etc. But sometimes, people ask others to do their work FOR them. (Note that helping them is a different case) This is a HORRENDOUS habit. If one does this an excessive number, it may lead into a case with people eluding them!!!

Dependence and independence is kind of like a circle: We are born totally dependent on our parents, whereas our parents are independent. Throught our teen years, we slowly become partly independent, BUT NOT TOTALLY, and our parents are still totally independent. But during our adult years (usually age 20+), we are totally independent and have more responsibilities: Our children will be quite young, making them dependent, and our parents would likely be old-aged, so they are quite feeble, making them dependent. And finally, when we are old-aged, we will again become dependent, but not on our parents, on our CHILDREN.

Being Self Reliant means to depend on YOURSELF. You should try to do as much as you can alone, but not EVERYTHING (Dont exceed our limits) 

I hoped you liked my little account on self-reliance and may Allah (S.W.T.) give us the toufeeq to apply it in our daily life!

Cheers!!!  😉


(P.S.- Sorry for sending it quite late!!!)


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