what should you do? and wat would you do?

hypothetically speaking

A man enters a bus to go home. He looks for a seat, there are two seats empty, one beside a pakistani most probably a pathan ( judging from the clothes), and the other beside a lebanees guy.

the person chooses to sit next to the pathan. the pathan’s got stains on his clothes (looking like sand stains) and has 5 sheets of papers stapled and folded in his hand.

5 mins later the man realises that the pathan is crying. He is trying to hide it from the man and the other people in the bus, but the man is close enough to hear the silent cry..

the man thinks of talking to him (Knows Urdu), but is wrried it would embaras the pathan, alos he thinks that if he talks to the man other ppl will think hes showing off.

The man is tryin to figre out what may be the reason for the grief of this pathan. He fist thinks may be he lost his job looking at the papers, then he thinks may be it is a medical report of some sort. But that does not matter now cuz he doesnt do anything about it

now wat according to you (who ever is reading this) would be the right thing to do??and what you would you hav done if you were in the mans place??


4 responses to “what should you do? and wat would you do?

  1. Mehzabin Ahmed

    I think that these days we have become so compartmentalised within our own inhibitions that we are no longer compassionate or even if we are and feel strongly about a situation we wonder whether the other person would consider an intrusion into their space if we question them or extend a hand. However, it is still better to talk it out and see if the person needs to vent his feelings or fears. at the most he would say that he doesnot want to be disturbed if he is uncomfortable discussing anything in public. at least you tried or may be give your visiting card if the person would like to speak about it later

  2. syedahmedalinaqvi

    i guess every one knows wat is the right thing to do… in this case it is to talk to the person… but wen it cums to the real situation wen you r actually there… and all your senses are hyped up… wat will u do then is wat hvave to understand

    • Ya Ahmed,

      What are the things that a person can change within himself so that the hyped senses dont come in the way and avoid you from doing the right thing?

      What is this hype and what are the ways to control it?


      • syedahmedalinaqvi

        by hyped senses i mean the fact tht u c ppl looking at u….
        tht makes u think if i do this ppl will think ur jst tryin to show off….
        tht doesnt matter.. but wat matters is tht thought raises a question tht am i showing off??
        the next thing is the person me feel embarrased… i guess at times like these v should try and focus on the positive points rather than the negitive….
        pro reaction is one thing bt “over pro reacting” is wat cums in the way at times

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