Bathroom Manners

the lesson’s first line states “there is no shame in religion”. Isam is may be the only religion that talks into detail about manners regarding many things which are considerd private, one such are bath room manners. the reason why islam talks about bathroom manners is because, it is the complete religion, and islam creates a standard and avoids confusion.
somw wajibats are:
1) the area where you choose to relieve yourself should not belong to someone else, or you should have the owners permision
2)you must not sit in a position where you are facing the qibla or where your back is to the qibla
3)it is wajib to wash the private parts 2 times (3 times recommended) this is wajib as otherwise your namaaz will not be accepted, since you will be in a state of najasat
mustahab actions are:
1)you should enter the bathroom with the left foot and exit with the right, this has the effect that you remember the rules and hence remmember Allah and not be absent minded
2) it is sunnat to cover the head while in the toilet. this is to keep infections from spreading from unhygenic places
3) it is sunnat to visit toilets before sleeping, sexual relations and before prayers
makruh actions:
1) it is makruh to urinate in a standing position
2) it is makruh to walk in the toiletor to extend the “visit” for longer t)han waht is required
3) it is makruh to hold yourself fromgoing to the toilet when the urge arises, as this is unhealthy
the above said are some of the rules one should keep in mind when visiting the bathroom


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