What do you prefer water from the tap or a bottle?


Do you understand what is manufactured demand?

What other demands are manufactured?


One response to “What do you prefer water from the tap or a bottle?

  1. That was really good… quite INFORMATIVE i must say!

    Well I never actually drink bottled water.. we drink tap water at home here… we should see that the water in the UAE or more specifically Dubai is very clean!

    That is for another fact that this water mayb coming from the sea which is processed and voila..

    Tap water rules 🙂

    Coming t manufactured demand.. we just came across this strategy that is used by many more Industries in our Eco class (It sometimes is actually fun i have to admit).

    But what we were talkin about was the healthcare and medicine Industry. think close and u will find out that its the doctor who is the supplier and CREATOR of DEmand as well! If u are sick then u go to the doc… the doc is the one who tells u wats wrong with and as a result writes u down sevral prescriptions and tests.. I know this cause i hav had my share of Doc time.

    The other thing is the medicine Industry … The medicine which is commonly used in know as Allopathy.. such as the Anti biotics and vaccines.

    There are alternatives to this such as Homeopathy and HIKMAT… the point is that this Industy makes billions of dollars each year by selling us the medicines they make at very abnormal prices.

    Anti Biotics which are more harmful than helpful are the most used meds in the world! hey there u not feelin well… just get some anti biotics and u will be fine 🙂

    On the other hand treatments such as HOmeopathy are extremely efficient . and when i say efficient I mean they are cheap and work!

    Homeopathy believes that evry disease is cure able (isnt that wat the Quran says) and I know as i have had good experiences with it!

    This story could go on forevr…. mayb some time we can have a debate abt these things in madressa..

    and i also hope that the students actually Start USING this site 🙂

    syed zain

    (i had to write up an article abt the picinc along with the pics .. But im very lazy.. hope to do it tommorow)

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