Madressa Picnic 2010

Ok guys Im late i know .. but here i am in madressa typing this post!

The picnic was held 2 weeks back… It all started .. I  was already late for the actual Time given and feared that the buses might have left already. But as I called Our brother Muslim to confirm wether he was still at the imambargah to my surprise no one had left.. the fact was that we were LATE!

Now after a while and when I say a while I mean a While.. we left for the park. I was with brother Shabbar and his naughty lil son (terrorist).

At reaching the entrance the boys were really hyped up.. ready for the ball!

And then again after “some” time we were in and ready to play! but there were some problems regarding the seating matter aswell..  Good things take their time they say.. they say it right!

At last we were ready to go … teams had been decided already thx to brother hamza and the names of the teams were pretty unique too…  they were pretty well distributed too.. the problem was that I wasnt in a TEAM!!

But the confusion was cleared soon  and i was to play for the teachers 😀 . Now one by one the matches took place and I have to admit they were pretty intersting meanwhile the teachers were realaxing and having tea under the shade of the trees and were enjoying the lovely weather 🙂

Soon it was the teachers turn to play and after some time which was taken in order to gather the team we were ready to kick some ball! Amazingly we scored 3 goals and won by a good lead.. thx to brother sibtain!

Soon it was time for Namaaz and All the kids were in the prayer room ready .. I was pretty surprised ! Soon after the game was back on But thankfully enough it was time for lunch and boy was it great! ALHAMDULILLAH! our stomachs were full .. more than full I must say as it had started effecting the performance of the footballers 😛

It was getting late and it was time to go home! The finals were conducted and at no big surprise the teacher won 🙂

The ride back was pretty intersting too which i think my friends kumail and ALi will agree to 😛

All in all it was a wonderful experience .. we have some talented players I must say.. i wouldnt name them as it may seem unfair 🙂

we should have a madressa football tournument as well.. who knows in a few years that mayb true! I will be loooking forward to next years picnic ready to teach some ball to the kids 😉

We will be uploading some shots that we took sooon.. that i will do wen i reach home (this time i really will).

Syed Zain


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