To be clean is amongst the habbit of the prophets

    The prophet Muhammad (s.a.w)has said ” cleanliness is half of faith “

   In another hadith the prophet has said

         “There will come a time when people will have unclean inner selves,but beautiful appearances;they will     

          have greed for the worldly affairs and they will not wish for that which is with Allah.Their religion will             

         be for show.Then they would pray like a drowning one, and Allah will not answer their prayer”

Even simple act such as performing wodhu before sleeping is highly recommended . If this is done, the whole night is counted as if you were performing prayer.

Other action of cleanliness are external.we have always been taught to keep our bodies and clothes clean,but we should also take apart in keeping our houses, and the sourrounding areas clean . One of the signs of a muslim is that when he uses something, he leaves it in a cleaner condition then it was before. This means that we should set an example to the no muslims, and keep the street free from litter, keep our houses tidy. If we do this, no one will be able to point on us and blame us.    

On the country we should give an islam the reputation it deserves.


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