Indecent dressing

indecent is defined as offending against recognised standards of decency (respectability)
indecent dressing means to hav a form of dress which is disrespectful, tht is which reveals the shape of the ody in such a way as to attract attention from others
In today’s age even “recognised standards” hav depleted, this being said looking at the western culture and how… the wo definitions above become contridictory when it comes to western culture, which is being adopted by the world today.

commingto the islamic point of view:
islam gives the highest regards to morals and to the respect of the modesty of women. islam helps to secure the modesty of a woman with hijab, so that they can be appreciated for their ideas rather than jst their looks

evn a male should not wear tight clothes and should wear a beard so as to “distinguish” hi from a female

people should wear clothes for the following reasons
1 covering themselves
2 for comfort
3 protection against weather conditions
4 to look and feel good

an important question raised in the text book is “wat is wrong with exposing your body?”
the answer being simple the more somone exposes the more they attract others and excite this leads to casual relations between men and women. this leads to breaking of marriages and this weekens the infrastructure of the society. The weeker the society the more it tends to slip to the dark side
apart from all this women will be once again looked at as objects of desire.. “once again” refering to thetime of jahaliya and before
further exposure is stopped then crimes of “passion” (adultry, rape… etc) will also decrease
islam does not forbid wearing good and fashionable clothes but it does stop from clothes which are indecnt and exposive!!


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