Khadmul Gaiz

One of the post appreciable acts in Islam is Khadmul Gaiz which means to swallow anger and to forgive others, this applies to those people who repent or have done the action without intention. It is difficult to swallow anger unless one has a strong will power, this can be seen by the following saying of the Prophet:

 ” The strongest of you is he who overpower himself when enraged and the most forbearing of you is the one who forgives when having overpowered his enemy.”

It is said Anger is from Shaitan and this could be extinguished by doing Wudhu. Wudhu results in cooling down anger and makes us remember Allah by which we gain control over ourselfs again. Imam Ali a.s. has said:

“Should any of you be faced with anger, he should sit down if standing, should lie down if sitting.”

According to Imam Ali a.s. all of us in our lives commit sins that might need punishment. If Allah can forgive us with his mercy, then why must we get angry at others when they are sorry. The Holy Quran says:

” Those who restrain from anger, and pordon all men; for God loves those who do good.”

Imam Musa Kazim a.s. is an example who swallowed anger and he was imprisoned by the oppressors right up to his martydom in prison, but he restrained his anger and bore it with patience. Surah 42 Ayat 36 explains:

“When they are angry, if then forgive. ”

“But indeed if any do help and defend themselves after  a wrong done to them, against such there is no cause of blame.”


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