Charity Drive – Miqdad Supariwala and Irfan Jiwa

salaam un alaikum,

Two of our youths have played a great role in the charity drive for the earthquake victims of Chile. Read about it below.



2 responses to “Charity Drive – Miqdad Supariwala and Irfan Jiwa

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  2. Here is what Miqdad have to say about the organization of the event:

    As members of our school’s Prefect Body we are given the opportunity to organize school events & activities. In the first term of school we managed to successfully organize a Blood Donation drive. The impetus we got from its successful organization drove us to try something bigger for our next project; we decided to organize a school carnival.

    Our schools last carnival had been 2-3 years ago, and though everyone had enjoyed it then no one had tried to undertake such a project again. After a few weeks of regular meetings and discussions with the higher management, and under the guidance, encouragement and support of our teachers we set off on this project.

    To tackle the never ending to-do list that organizing a carnival entail, we decided to take a decentralized team based approach; committees were made, who were each responsible for a different aspect of the carnival’s organization: we had a food committee, games committee, finance committee and planning & coordination committee. It was an amazing experience from which we learned a great deal: from getting in touch with sponsors to planning and distributing resources.

    The purpose of the carnival had always been to raise funds for a charitable cause. However, initially when we started preparation for it we had not decided on the cause and so were constantly on the lookout for one. Then the Chile earthquake struck. Finding out about the pain and hardship that the people of Chile were undergoing, we decided to contribute the money collected from the carnival towards their aid.

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