Islamic Culture

A culture is a rule which is present in all religion and in all  the world. Nobody is lives without it. Islam is a religion of peace and for its muslims it has presented certain rules which we derive from the Holy Quran and Hadith of the Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H.). This is the way Islam wants is muslims to live inorder achieve paradise.The Quran and Hadith contain all the aspects of good akhlaq. The Quran is a written book of Allah and Hadith are the acts and action shown by the Prophet. There influence are moral for all mankind.

    All our Prophets enlarges one message that is treat people the way they would want to treat you. This emphasis that our culture should not become a way of disturbance to other people. People should always concern us as good person. By our personality,our relgion can be respected and inorder to do that we should look at our Prophets and Imams teachings. There cultures were never a threat to anyone. Every Muslim should follow ther culture.In many cases we are seeing parents discouraging children from hijab and fasting in examination. This is simply throwing culture away and it should be stop.People should love there culture and should be proud of it. This should be the thaught of every muslim.


3 responses to “Islamic Culture

  1. Salaam,

    You have written “treat people the way they would want to treat you”… are you sure this is the right wording?

    Can someone help him find this hadith in an online book?


  2. I think we might also need to discuss what is culture and what are rules… is there a difference between the two?

    What is more important than the other…

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