Care For The Environment

Allah has created us all, and he made us the inheritors of this world. He gave us the world so that we will use it properly…not abuse it. Have we ever thought,how much the wurld is gettin affected by  us??? This world is like an AMAANAT from Allah. This is not ours….one day we have to leave it back to allah and go.

Whenever our best friend gives us somethng to take care of…we care for it very well n return it to that person when he asks for it…then y don’t we take care of this world also?? Allah has mentioned in the holy qur’an  that…we are the inheritors  of this world, it is he who has made us his agents. So when v are given something we shouldn’t abuse it, otherwise that thing will work for a while but then afterwards it will end n we have to throw it away….samilarly if we waste this earth…then our next generation will be in trouble…they will not get as long life as ours!!!! By making campaigns lie “SAVE THE NATURE” and “SAVE OUR PLANET”…..THIS WON’T HELP SO MUCH….v r the ones who will have to practically do something about our environment…For getting 5 marks in the school…v write soo big satements…but do v ever think about it seriously???

At least once????

Consider the house in which v live….what if we stop washing clothes,taking bath,cleaning the dust in the house???

Everything in this universe is created by Allah, n serves His purpose. We must respect these….n them properly.  

Let us not make so much mess that the rest of the generation wil hv to suffer.


So it is better to STOP ACTING N START THINKING….for our nature 🙂


Done by – Fateem Ahmed

Class –  9


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