showing down to others

showing down is the opposite of pride. pride is to think of ones self to be greater than others, where as showing someone down is making them lower than others or you.

to further explain the difference between pride and showing down i give this example: i play better football than anyone. this is pride where as u play worse than any one. is showing down. we tend to concentrate more on pride than showing down to others, i find this quite odd as pride is less these days as compared to snubbing someone to a lower level than equal.

this i write because I’ve seen this more in India now than i have ever have. further more this is generally into the youths aging from 12 to 19. in the one can only completely change oneself.


2 responses to “showing down to others

  1. really interesting… sometimes it just needs a thought and we come up with things around us that we dont notice but do matter..

    just thinking abt it.. these words came to my mind.. takabbur, riya and ujb a few google searches and voila

    “Takkabur means to think of oneself as BETTER than someone else, to have PRIDE.

    Riyaa means to SHOW OFF to others

    Ujb means to have SELF CONCEIT, to like oneself too much.”

    now i wud like my fellow seniors and juniors to help me aswell where we cud classify the above 🙂

  2. syedahmedalinaqvi

    i would say all of these are like brothers if u have one of these things u tend to eventually obsorb the others as well!!!!

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