Friday Prayer Lecture – 13 Aug 2010

In the Name of Allah the Most compassionate, the Most Merciful
Juma (Friday) Speech by Sayed Mahmood Madani
on 13 August, 2010

Praises and thanks are to the God who is The Sufficient for a person who seeks His help.
And, He guides the one who asks to be guided. And peace is upon Muhammad and His
Ahlul-Bait and curses are upon their enemies.

I advice myself and you to be virtuous. Our sixth Imam told us: don’t prefer
people’s demand on God’s wish. This is God’s order to his creature and he doesn’t
accept any other things. And know that creature didn’t order to anything more
important than this and this is our advice too.

Ideal society
Our main subject in series of lecture is ideal society and we spoke about ideal
father, mother, child, men, women and ideal Mujahid. Today because of Ramadan
first we thank God for this big gift and Imam Sajjad speaks about this: peace upon
you oh! the month of God and the festival of God’s friend. Peace upon you the
month that God forgive lots of people through your days, and welcome to everyone
who respects you. Peace be upon you, that sins disappear in your duration and
cover of all kind of defects.

And we speak about ideal aspects for people who fast, because people who make
fast aren’t the same as God prefer some of them. Some of them earn so much
reward that no one can imagine. We have a Hadith that our Imam narrated from
God: “fast is for me and I will give its reward.” And in the other hand there are
some who fast but is excludes from every blessings. In other Hadith we have: how
many people there are those have no reward from their fast but just hunger and

So it’s necessary to know what make our fast better until as follows.
Ideal aspect for who make fast

First, fast is a fact that cover not just eating, drinking, but hearing and imagining
everything that God forbids. Some of us just fast from eating and drinking and
think that they fasting, but they aren’t. pay attention to this story.
Prophet (P.B.U.H) saw a woman who insults her maidservant so the Prophet
invited her for food and told her: eat! She said: I am fasting. Prophet told: how you
are fasting, you have insulted your maidservant. Fast is not just to abstain from
eating and drinking. God makes fasting a curtain between wickedness of acts and
speech. How many people are just hungry and how few are actually fasting.
Imam Saddeq told us: fast is not just abstaining from eating and drinking. Fast has
some conditions that needs to be care about to complete the fast …. During fast
take care about your tongue from lying and secure your eyes, don’t resist, and
don’t be envious, don’t gossip, don’t argue, don’t lie, don’t oppose, don’t be
arrogate, don’t insult, don’t misname, don’t be ungrateful, don’t trouble, and don’t
be unmindful about God’s remembrance and praying.

And in other place he said: when you fast, your eyes and your ears should fast from
Haram and all parts of your body from wickedness.

The result of true fast

Dear audience, if our fast has such qualities and characteristics it becomes an
academy for practicing honesty, and when we make such fast with these aspects
for thirty days in the end of Ramadan we will have more power against our bad
wills and against the devil, so the outcome of Ramadan is a society which has been
trained and cleared from wickedness.

So God told the truth: {indeed he succeeds who purified his own self and indeed he fails who
corrupts his own self. Soreh Al-Shams\Verse7,8}. In the same way we become stronger
against human devil and our enemies.

Dear listeners, Ramadan is golden opportunity to know more about your religion
and acquire clairvoyance, and the best time for improving your life with thinking
deeply, so we have special program for men, women, and children in our mosque
and I invite you to these programs.

We beg God to help us in Ramadan for having profit from this great month.


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