Lecture notes / summary – Shk Safdar Jaffer – Satwa 2nd Majlis

Salaam un alaikum,

i was able to make notes as below from the lecture yesterday. It would be nice to see if some of you could do similar work for other majalises around uae and post them here.

i wonder if i will be able to continue this every day though… does anyone else also visit satwa?


Shk Safdar Jaffer – Topic Tafseer of Makarimul Akhlaq – Day 2 – 12th Aug. 2010.

– Law about the things that break our fast. 1. Saliva is ok to
swallow, but not phelm if it has come out of the throat and into the
mouth. 2. Brushing (even with tooth paste) is allowed if no danger of
it being swallowed.

– No sports on thursday – happy about it
– ayt sistani announced profoundly, ia eid will also be announced similarly.
– Importance of sahr.
– – Food excuse, dua and salaat ul layl real requirement.
– – Muttahari: istighfar is where an internal revolution against the
nafs e awwama is formed.
– – Duiftitah:
– – umm layla : why prophet istighfar? Prophet: refers to last few
versed revealed … ? Not only as repentance of sins but as ammunition
from sins
– – we r reactive rather than proactive!
– – Find in ourselves the problem that has caused a disaster. Imam ali
suggests istighfar for 3 problems. Surat un nuh: seek forgiveness from
allah, he wiil provide u with wealth, this world and the hereafter.
– – Surah zumur, ayt 53.: Say: o my servant who believes, has done
zulf on self, dont despair. He will forgive every sin, he is most
forgiving. Revealed, twice more. Once when wahshee sought forgiveness.
He was the killer of hamza (uncle of the prophet).
– – How to ask for forgiveness:
– – – not dictating
– – – ibrahim amini book: his story about forgiveness… How a bedouin
got his request accepted in a single day, and he was told that 29days
of his were not intense enough.
– Dua e makarim ul akhlaq is the topic for this 15days.
– Imam hussein as embodiment of forgiveness:
– – zuhair bin qayn was usmani: change when met imam on way
– – hur ibne riyahi:


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