Friday Sermon of 20th August 2010

In the Name of Allah the Most compassionate, the Most Merciful
Juma (Friday) Speech by Sayed Mahmood Madani on 20 August, 2010

Praises and thanks are to the God who is The Sufficient for a person who seeks His help. And, He guides the one who asks to be guided. And peace is upon Muhammad and His Ahlul-Bait and curses are upon their enemies.

I advice myself and you to be virtuous and obedient. Our prophet told us: whoever obeys God mentions him, although his praying, fasting and reading the holy Quran is less. And whoever disobeys God he forgets God, although his prays, fast and reading the holy Quran a lot. May God help us in obeying him and protect us from his Disobedience.

Ideal society
In our series of lectures we spoke about ideals, and in the last lecture we spoke about an ideal fast. The first thing we mentioned for an ideal fast, were its effects which applies for all the parts of the body.

Ideal fast
The second aspect for an ideal fast or maybe in comparison to other aspects. The main aspect is that Muslims should fast for his beliefs and his thinking from wrong beliefs. They should avoid unorthodox group that take them out from the right path, the path of God, our prophet and his Ahlul-beit.

Every action of human is estimated by their beliefs and their thoughts. And if they had unjust beliefs their action has no value. Pay attention to this warning mentioned the holy Quran: {if you join others in worship with Allah surely your deed will be in vain and you will be among losers. Soreh Al-Zomar/Verse 65}

Our first Imam guide us: if an incident occurs, immolate your property to save your life and if a calamity occurs give your life to save your religion. Unfortunate is the one whose religion gets destroyed. Verily there is no poverty for who reached to heaven and there is no wealth for who goes to hell.

Dear audience, look at the history of Islamic civilization. All tragedies were due to their lust or their wrong beliefs. But the wrong beliefs are more significant, because the inaccuracy in beliefs run into all of its believer’s actions and even family and society and sometimes it recorded in history.

Historical example
Very sadden example in history is the story of Jamal war. These peoples started war against Imam Ali have been in the Imam Ali’s army, but see how they got changed and how their digression started and they became his enemy and start war toward him, until one of them killed Imam Ali in Ramadan with this motto: playing rule is for God not for you. So this mistake remains in the history all history long.

So it is necessary for everyone to keep himself and his family from stream of obliquity, and we will expand how it is possible in the next lecture.

Coming day

In the next week we have the death anniversary of Khadija, The loyal wife of prophet and the mother of faithful. She believed in prophet at the first day and gave all of her property in the God’s path. She protected prophet by herself and stay three years in the valley of Abootaleb under strict blockage.

Prophet used to remember her and say: Khadija, and where do exist someone like Khadija? She testified me when all people refuted me. And she helped me in the God’s religion.
One of the great women on the Day of Judgment will be Fatima Al-Zahra, Mary the daughter of Omran and Asieah ( هیسآ ) the daughter of Mazahem and Khadija the daughter of Khovailed as it comes in the lots of Hadith.

God help us to know better about her and overtake us her intervention on the Day of Judgment.
One of the most important events of these days is the huge flood that has effect Pakistan. This is our duty to help them and pray for them
God help us and every Muslims in the world.


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