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I will be TRYING to post the notes for what we learn in class 10 here.

Bathroom Manners

the lesson’s first line states “there is no shame in religion”. Isam is may be the only religion that talks into detail about manners regarding many things which are considerd private, one such are bath room manners. the reason why islam talks about bathroom manners is because, it is the complete religion, and islam creates a standard and avoids confusion.
somw wajibats are:
1) the area where you choose to relieve yourself should not belong to someone else, or you should have the owners permision
2)you must not sit in a position where you are facing the qibla or where your back is to the qibla
3)it is wajib to wash the private parts 2 times (3 times recommended) this is wajib as otherwise your namaaz will not be accepted, since you will be in a state of najasat
mustahab actions are:
1)you should enter the bathroom with the left foot and exit with the right, this has the effect that you remember the rules and hence remmember Allah and not be absent minded
2) it is sunnat to cover the head while in the toilet. this is to keep infections from spreading from unhygenic places
3) it is sunnat to visit toilets before sleeping, sexual relations and before prayers
makruh actions:
1) it is makruh to urinate in a standing position
2) it is makruh to walk in the toiletor to extend the “visit” for longer t)han waht is required
3) it is makruh to hold yourself fromgoing to the toilet when the urge arises, as this is unhealthy
the above said are some of the rules one should keep in mind when visiting the bathroom


Happy family life

the chapter begins by mainly emphsising the need of healthy family groups, and how they are essential to make a healthy society
 in one of the examples families and societies are imaged ike a building of blocks, with the block at the bottom being families and upper ones being other things including society… it surther says that if we damage the the block at the bottom it wont b long before the whole building colapses….. the book also adds and says that this is wat is happening in in the 21st century…. and i think v all agree to that…
 it is further said that how can famalies survive in the west because its so crrupt and un caring … to that people are answered if the families would teach the children how to understand good and evil, and also b able to accept the good and shun the evil then even in a place like the west the people can have strong family units
this is the main reason y islam has emphsised on family unity and carefull upbingig of the children
there are also some benifits of families given … and some of them are
1 families act as a stable environment for the upbringing of the children
2 all members of the family can trust each other and share the same goals
some of the things talked in class:
how important big families are… because now a days v hav small families of parents and 2 or 3 children  which is very less compared to the past when there was an average of  5 or 6 children….
other isuue discussed in class was of abnormal couples like homosexuality which is not permited in islam… these are small factors tht disrupt a proper environment for the upbringing of the children
another thing we talked abot was how unhealthy families and divorces can be related to crime and other illegalities
if the family unit is not strong and if parents are divorced it leaves a lasting impression on the child.. and further more single parents are not as efficient as a couple… these factors lead to the children being astray and going into the habbits of drugs and other criminal activities
a warning mentioned in the lesson is about the abusing help given to u by your brothers and sisters or parents this will disintegrate the trust of ur family on u and that is not a good thing
then there is a saying by prophet Isa which is not complete
and in the end there is a line tht says “treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated”

Lesson 3 – Happy Family Life

The chapter takes for granted that our aim is to achieve Qurb of Allah for humanity at large and suggests that we should get our priorities right. We should work on ourselves, our family, and then our society. If we were to skip the step of working on the family it would be as if we are trying to build the tall building (society) on a weak foundation (family).

Unfortunately the families structure has degraded a great deal in our societies. We once use to live-in with the larger family. A house would have parents with 10 / 12 siblings and the boys from the family would live in the same house for quite some time. Recently the trend is to have few children and that too the moment they are married they move out into a separate house. Further more many are avoiding marriage all together (they find it difficult to commit one spouse). Yet others are finding it easier to live in friends from the same sex and work as a family unit. So it is safe to say that the institution that we once had as a family is now degraded a great deal.

This leads to a lot of issues in the society. The children that grow out of troubled families are known to have psychological instability, higher crime rates, difficulty in maintaining a relationship etc. The way I see it, family structure is a training ground for us wherein we learn to deal with people and how to lead / follow. The family is also the best solution for the husband and wife to fulfill their sexual desires, short of which they end up promiscuous.

Here are few things that could help you maintain a happy relationship as a son and later as a husband and a father iA.
– consideration
“treat others the way you yourself would like to be treated”.
– communication
discuss things out before the mole turns into a mountain.
– do not take advantage
do not abuse the support from the family – give as much as you take or more than that.

Class 10 – Ghuna e Kabira

Salaam un alaikum,

I will be summarizing the chapter here shortly.

But I recommend that if you are reading through the ghuna e kabira please write down the ones that you want to discuss below as a comment. Feel free to remain anonymous if you like.

Was salaam,

Lesson 1 continued – Meaning and Overview of Akhlaq: 6th Nov 09

– The Prophet has come for the completion of Akhlaq
– Reaching perfection is possible because we have the desires (and imagination – debatable) that Angels dont, and we have the intelligence that Animals dont. Added to this is the inner Prophet (conscience) and the ability to CHOSE (which originates from the Rooh of Allah SWT).

We then ask why is the world so unjust if the answers are so clear?
The answer is that we are unable to remain focused. We decide when we are in class, that yes it makes sense and there is no reason to do anything besides this, but as soon as the class ends our mind also begins to wander away from these ideas… we Forget!

In other words we can say that we are unable to remain Awake! We loose our awareness of the Creator and His reason for creating… so the result is that in our day to day life we do not really keep in touch with what he wants of us… instead we tend to do things that are more convenient to us, easier to do or simply what we enjoy!

What can we expect if we follow Allah SWT and what if we don’t?
If we were to accept we would become attain His proximity. So also His attribute of Everliving would be reflected in our being and we would also become Everliving…

We should also not undermine what Allah (SWT) has in store for us if we do not submit to His will (become a Muslim by Aamaal). At times we start to consider Hell trivial, at time we do not realize how horrific an experience that can be.

May be an experiment might help! Keep an hour away from everything else, probably you could go visit the graveyard by yourself some day. Plan to stay there for at least an hour by yourself . Go through the process of death, burial and life after that! The movie called “Rooh ki faryaad” in Urdu might help.

Why are we still not convinced? In the time we spent thinking about this…this is what we came up with.

1. Widen the gap between Stimulus and Response (7 Habits Terminology).
2. Remain more cognizant (aware) – try and keep His memory alive through out the day – like you would if you were in love of your beloved.
3. Avoid sins as soon as we realize it.
4. Do self checks regularly – probably every night before sleeping, or soon after namaaz fajr or probably in the bus on the way to school or something.
5. Ask for forgiveness at the self checks (school bus aint a good idea :)) – this is similar to what we did in class… simply being sorry that you did the wrong and actively making and effort to avoid doing the wrong.

May Allah SWT invite us towards Himself.

Question on the 4 Quwwats of the Nafs


Here is the question we talked about in Class today!

You are in a partnership with a friend. The two of you together run a chain of groceries that takes online orders. Your work is generally on the indoors and your partner handles all the tasks of the outdoors. One day you call him on his mobile and a message runs saying that the mobile is either switched of or out of range.

You keep trying for an hour but don’t get a response from him. This is not like him at all.
13. What is the right thing to think?
a. He is supposed to be working at this time. It is unfair for him to keep his mobile switched off on working hours.
b. He seems to have met with an accident.
c. Something must have gone wrong, will find out in some time.
d. Any of the above, we cannot really control our thinking.

14. This continues for 4 hours. By now you have already tried calling his home and his friends. No one seems to know anything. What should you be thinking?
a. He could have gotten into an accident. You pray that he is alright and start calling the emergency numbers to check.
b. He was at the bank only yesterday, he could have withdrawn all the money and run away.
c. He could have overslept and left his mobile on silent. Must send someone to his house to check.
d. All of the above. One should consider all at the possibilities.

15. You send someone over to his house and learn that the door is closed and even on knocking no one answers. Now you get very worried.
a. You call the police and ask for permission to break-in to his house.
b. You check the bank accounts to make sure that all the funds are intact.
c. You warn all your friends to there seems to be something wrong.
d. All of the above.

Before going to his house you return home to pick up the tools you will require to break-in. You are in quite a rush now with your blood pressure rising by the minute. When you are about to open the door to your house you notice a paper stuck on to the name plate.

In the rush you ignore it, but then realize that it could be something that he left for you and pick it up to read:

“ Salaam, had to leave in a rush, mom not well. Will get in touch as soon as I find out what has happened. Take care.”
And by the time you finish reading your mobile rings… It is an international number. You answer to hear his voice – he is nearly in tears, he says that his mother has expired…

16. Was it wrong for you to get worried and start doing all that you did?
a. Yes it was wrong, you should never think ill of anyone.
b. No, it was appropriate. You have to consider all possibilities and adopt the one that seems most possible.
c. No, you had not jumped to a conclusion. When you were planning to break-in you were also wondering if something has happened to him inside the house and that he might need help.
d. It is inappropriate to judge. Whatever one does in such a situation is completely out of his disposition then.

17. If another alternative was added to question 13 above –
you should take a knife and collect some people to go to his house and teach him a lesson.
Then this would be considered a mix of:
a. Quwwatul Wahm and Quwwatul Gadhb.
b. Quwwatul Shahwat and Quawwatul Aql
c. Quwwatul Wahm and Quwwatul Aql
d. Quwwatul Wahm and Quwwatul Shahwat

18. If on the other hand we were not to do anything all day, just expecting him to return to work the next morning we would be considered :
a. Lacking in Quwwatul Gadhb and Wahm
b. Lacking in Quwwatul Aql and Quwwatul Shahwat
c. Lacking in all 4 quwwats.
d. Appropriate in all ways – not a lacking at all. He would have called us by the evening or when we would get home we would find out by the note.

19. The most important thing in such scenarios is to:
a. Let our Quwwatul Aql control our Wahm, Gadhb and Shahwat
b. Let our Wahm control, Aql, Gadhb and Shahwat
c. Let our Shahwat control our Aql, Gadhb and Wahm.
d. Either of the above.

20. If we were listening to pop music throughout the day when this incident happened we were more likely to:
a. Not be able to keep our Aql in control of all the other Quwwats
b. Not be able to concentrate on the issues and think clearly.
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above

21. Does it make any difference if we are able to connect the reason for what we do with Qurb of Allah SWT?
a. No
b. Yes
c. May be
d. Sometimes

Was salaam,

Lesson 1 – Meaning and Overview of Akhlaq

Revision :

  1. The formation of Khulq from Malakah which comes from repetitive exercise and practice.
  2. We have the 4 Powers within us: Intelligence, Desire, Anger and Imagination.

The best book to read this from is:

We were created like animals with a slight difference – the Ruh of Allah SWT. Hence humanity began life very similar to that of the animals but progressed over time – starting from hunting, moving on to farming and hence settling down into homes and villages and town and then cities.

Moving from the primitive stone age to the industrial and now the information age. It is really Allah SWT who has been ensuring that Humanity progresses through these periods by sending Prophets (and after that the Imams) (peace be upon them all) to guide us through each age.

Modern science is based on the principles taught by Imam Jaffer e Sadiq (AS).

But all this is nothing but a way for Allah SWT to help humanity understand itself so that we can understand Him, and hence try and become like Him. The best reflection of His attributes are the Ambiya and the Aimma themselves, so in essence we are become as close to the Ambiya and Aimma to become like Allah SWT – Qurbatan Ilallah.

I hope I am not talking to myself and you guys are going to get a chance to see it and respond to it.