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Khums Resources

Salaam un alaikum,

I am sure you are expecting pictures from the picnic – sorry I dont really have any… But if anyone of you have any please upload them here or send them to me and I will upload them… 🙂

So coming back to our previous class here are the resources we talked about:

1 – Book of Islamic Laws – Ayatullah Sistani and Imam Khamenei – choose Practical Laws of Islam on the left.
2 – Khums (The Islamic Tax) by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi : Islamic economy, Khums in Qur’an and history, laws of paying khums, and distribution of khums.


Namaaz e Tahajjud (Namaaz e Layl)

Here is a book about Namaaz e Tahajjud

Part 1

Part 2
Holy Qur’an on Salatul Layl

Part 3
Hadith on Salatul Layl

Part 4
Salatul Layl

Part 5
Basic Du’as

Dua before beginning Salatul Layl
Du’a after 8 raka’ats of Nafilah of Layl
Dua after Salat al-Shaf’a
Du’a after Salatul Witr

Part 6
Additional Du’as

Du’a before Salatul Layl
Du’a for Qunut of Salatul Layl
Du’a after every 2 raka’ats of Nafilah of Layl
Du’a for Qunut of Salatul Witr
Du’a at the end of Qunut of Salatul Witr
Du’a after rising from ruku’ of Salatul Witr

Part 7

Shaqiyat e Namaaz

Salaam un alaikum,

I tried to make notes of Maalim Rizwan Manji’s lecture today and was able to make this pdf file.
Shaqiyat e Namaaz by Maalim Rizwan Manji

What do you think? Is this similar to what you noted in your books / memory?

Does it tally with the syllabus books?