Salaam un alaikum,

I feel we need to spend a lot more time together than just the 45 mins a week which is about 20 hrs a year that we get in Madressa. And what better venue to do this than online?

I think you all are spending more and more time online… a lot more than we ever did. So I thought we would share some time here… but really it is completely up to you to determine how this will turn out. The more time you spend here the better this blog will become.

One thing I will be consistently doing is to try and put my notes up here. This way I dont have to print notes out for you and it will also give you a reason to come here again and again.

Under the categories of the Class

Class 10 – Ten
Class 9 – Nine
Class 8- Eight

you should be able to find the summaries of every week and any other discussions that we had specific to a particular class. Furthermore under the

General category

you should be able to find a lot more discussions / content sharing. To keep the place alive I will require a lot of help from you all.

Please learn to:
1. Comment on the posts that I make,
2. Subscribe to a particular category (this will allow you to get an email for whats new online)
3. Become a blogger and start posting new stuff on the site (you will need permission from me before you can do that).

Hope to see this place liven up!

Was salaam,


9 responses to “Home

  1. I realized that I needed to set up the subscriptions box on the left before you could start subscribing to the blog.

    I have set it up now and also tried to subscribe you all… If this works correctly you should be getting this by email. And also every other message that I post hence forward.


  2. salam-un-alaykum evryone, now alhamdolillah i m also the part of this blog,i want to thank muslim sir 4 that.

  3. wa alaikum salaam,

    welcome ya fateem!

    looking forward to plenty of comments and posts…

  4. Salam… I have been looking forward to this.. lets see how it goes.. I think its gonna be quite interesting..

    And yes I am Syed Zain … Former student and present assistant!
    looking forward to the posting part 🙂

  5. i am eagerlii waitin 4 da cumin friday….so dat i can upload sum pictures on da blog n share it with evrione.
    Khz, Fateem

  6. salams 2 all..

    this is regarding the picnic coming up next week to Safa park..
    I have been missing the madressah picnic from the past 2 years and i think this will be the third year in which i won’t be able to make it up..

    this is not because of any other reason but Final Exams in school which starts from 1st March onwards..

    it is a humble request if the picnic could be postponed for 2 weeks so that all the students who are studying in an Indian Curriculum can join and have fun.
    i’m sure most of them wont make it up because of the exams coming up if the picnic is scheduled on 2nd..

    thanking in advance for considering the request..


    – Fateem Ahmed

    • wa alaikum salaam,

      so sorry… i realize how you feel but then these sort of things happen – this is the sort of trouble that Allah SWT says is for our improvement.

      There is a confirmation from Jafar bhai (Principal) that next year the picnic will be earlier in Feb so that the exams are not affected!

      Was salaam,

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