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Divine Revelation, Human Reason and Science

this is an article by Ayatullah `Abdullah Jawadi Amuli
Translated from Persian by Shahyar Sa’adat

Knowledge and Action

Man is a thinking creature whose action is guided by his thought. It is neither possible to deprive him of thought nor to suspend his faculty of action and turn him into an inert, inactive object. It is also impossible to ignore the relationship which exists between human action and thought. Therefore, human existence is a mixture of knowledge and action, in which action is based on and guided by knowledge. That is, besides the fact that man is an active and aware `being, his knowledge and awareness demarcate the outlines of his activity, and his work benefits from his vision. His knowledge finds concrete expression in his activity and his activity stimulates his knowledge. This is a vital fact of human life. If knowledge does not manifest itself in action and action is not guided by knowledge, and if there is no fusion between the two, life, which is the result of a fusion and harmony between them, will cease to exist. In other words, a “living” being is an active intelligence in which the leadership of knowledge and the obedience of action are fully realized.

Khums Resources

Salaam un alaikum,

I am sure you are expecting pictures from the picnic – sorry I dont really have any… But if anyone of you have any please upload them here or send them to me and I will upload them… 🙂

So coming back to our previous class here are the resources we talked about:

1 – Book of Islamic Laws – Ayatullah Sistani and Imam Khamenei – choose Practical Laws of Islam on the left.
2 – Khums (The Islamic Tax) by Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi : Islamic economy, Khums in Qur’an and history, laws of paying khums, and distribution of khums.

Resources for Sincerity

Salaam un alaikum,

Something that you might want to read for the chapter we covered last week:

Sufi Comics Good Intentions and Hard Work

– A chapter on Sincerity from the Lantern of the Path on
– An article on Islamic Insight called – Fairest in Works

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Abdul Wahab and his life


Arif you were asking for the timeline of this person right – read this.

Mahdi, you might also get some more details for your Homework from here.


Hajj Resources

Salaam un alaikum,

As discussed here are the resources related to our class today – Hajj:

Hajj Rituals on
A video summarizing the series of rituals – not comprehensive but better than some others
– Secrets of the Hajj on
– Detailed drawings of the Khanae Kaaba and the Holy City of Makka on Wikipedia and Wikitravel


Akhlaq Project – Movie Review

Write a review of any Media that you have interacted with like a movie, video game etc. A few things that you could consider:
– What is the story? Does the movie carry an obvious message? What is it?
– Is there a passive message? What?
– What is the moral standing of the main characters? Are there some particular indecencies that they get involved with?
– Was it a box office hit? What was its claim to success?

Description Check
– Summary of the story line
-Reason for success
– Analysis of the cast / storyline / surrounding plot / gameplay
– Islamic Perspective
– What could be done differently to improve the effect on the viewers?
– Is your review interesting to read?

Date of completion: 31st Jan 2010

Form of Submission: Blog / Email / Written Papers / Chart